Shield Parts Guide

ManufacturerAccessoryPartsCapacity Recharge RateRecharge DelaySpecial
Anshin +5-8 +7+2
Bandit +1+8 +2-6
Dahl -2-1 -7-1
Hyperion -4-2 -8+3
Maliwan -5+1 0+8
Pangolin +8-7 +8-3
Tediore -4+4 -4+1
Torgue +3+2 +2-5
Vladof -1+3 +10

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Note that the numbers in the table above only apply to the parts, the accessories have different stats. Also note that all numbers on this page are relative as exact amounts change with level and shield type.
"Special" is the shield's special effect, which changes based on shield type. It is actually made of multiple different values, but they are almost always the same, so they are shown as one.

Shields are made out of 4 main parts:
Internally the Accessory and Body were swapped at some point, leading to the misleading names.
There are also two additional 'parts' that affect stats: the Material and the Definition.


The accessory is based on what type of shield it is. Its model is entirely based on manufacturer, however, Spike and Nova accessories of the same manufacturer use the same model.
Some unique shields have their own accessory, which may not neccesarily use the model for their manufacturer.

Most accessories provide no stat bonuses. There are a few exceptions however:
The Hide of Terramorphous has five accessories providing -5, -3, 0, +3, or +5 Nova Radius and Spike Damage. No other special bonuses affect these stats. The Hide is the only shield with more than one possible accessory.
The Order and the Retainer provide +5 Special. Unlike most other special bonuses this does not improve "Special02", but as Roid Shields only have one special stat this has no effect.
The Manly Man Shield increases the elemental damage taken by the wearer by 65%. Note that this does not include slag impact damage.
The Naught provides -20 Recharge Rate.

Battery, Body, and Capacitor

The Battery, Body, and Capacitor are completly unaffected by shield type, when farming a particular shield these will be the only parts that vary.
The table at the top of the page shows how these parts affect stats. All parts of the same brand have the same effect. This means a shield with a Dahl battery and Pangolin body has the same stats as if it had a Pangolin battery and Dahl body.
Maliwan capacitors always provide either fire, shock, or corrosive resistance. Torgue capacitors always provide explosive resistance. As neither of these capacitors have a model, this is the best way to tell them apart.
Maliwan and Pangolin batteries use the same model, and unfortunatly the only way to tell them apart is through the shield's stats.

There are a few unique shield parts:
The Evolution and Neogenator can spawn with a unique Anshin battery that provides +5 Max Health, rather than the normal +2. It still only gives +2 to Elemental Resistance however. This battery replaces the normal Anshin one, but it is not a forced part, the shield can spawn with other batteries.
The Retainer has a full set of unique parts. These have the exact same stats and models as the regular ones. It has copies of all batteries and bodies except for the Bandit or Torgue ones, as well as a copy of a corrosive resistance Maliwan Capacitor.
The Kala and Transformer always have a unique Maliwan capacitor that provides shock resistance but no increase in special.
The Sunshine always has a unique Maliwan Fire Resistance capacitor, with the exact same bonuses as the regular one.
Any Anshin parts that spawn on the Bigg Thumppr will provide +5 "Special02". However, being a Roid Shield, it only has one special stat, so this makes no difference over the normal Anshin parts.


The material of a shield is based on its rarity and manufacturer.
The manufacturer just affects the skin, while the rarity also affects stats as follows:
Very Rare+12+18
Some unique shields use the generic material for their shield type, but most have their own unique material. For a full list of these unique materials and their stats click here.


Also known as "Type" in gibbed.
A few definitions increase shield stats.
Definition Capacity Recharge Rate Recharge Delay Special
Turtle +25 ---
The Bee -50 +75 +26 -
The Cradle -50 +150 +12 -
Fabled Tortoise +25 ---
Hoplite +25 ---
Antagonist +35 +8 -12 -
Blockade +20 +20 --
Prismatic Bulwark --- +11
Rerouter -10 +75 +26 -
Shield of Ages +65 +35 - -102
1 This only affects the Bulwark's extra special stats, Laser Damage and Laser Damage Resistace
2 Unlike most other special bonuses this does not affect "Special02", but as turtle shields only have one special stat this has no effect

Definitions also define the shield's base stats, and how exactly different bonuses affect them. For a guide on how you can calculate the shield stats using this information, click here.