Shield Calculation Guide

This guide covers how exactly to calculate shield stats, and assumes you've already read the base guide here, as well as the general formulas guide here.
Any time this page references a shield it's going to be refering to the shield definition, which defines how exactly the stats on the other pages affect the final values.


The Base Capacity found through one of the following formulas:
64×β 65.6×β
The default bonus is +0.03, the following shields use unique ones:
Definition Bonus
Rough Rider 0
Big Boom Blaster +15%, 0.12 +0.03
Sponge 0.05 +0.03
Rapid Release -40%, +0.0015
The Rough Rider also has a unique base capacity of 100.

Recharge Rate

The base Recharge Rate is equal to 16% of the base capacity.
The default bonus is +0.03, the following shields use unique ones:
Definition Bonus
Roid +10%, +0.03
Evolution -90%
Big Boom Blaster 0.05 +0.03
Pun-chee +10%, 2 +0.03
Sponge 0.05 +0.03
Rough Rider 0
Rapid Release +50%, +0.015
The Shooting Star +10%, +0.03
Naught -15%, +0.012
The Rough Rider actually uses the normal recharge rate, but calculated from the normal base capacity, not its unique one.

Recharge Delay

The base Recharge Delay is 3.50s.
The default bonus is +0.04, the following shields use unique ones:
Definition Bonus
Roid +15%, +0.04
Big Boom Blaster 0.05 +0.04
Pun-chee +15%, 0.3 +0.04
Sponge 0.05 +0.04
Rough Rider 0
Rapid Release -40%, +0.02
The Shooting Star +15%, +0.04
Naught 0
The Evolution uses a base delay of 5.00s.
The Naught uses a base delay of 0.20s.


Special bonuses are naturally a lot more varied than the bonuses for the the other stats.
Any shield not listed has the same stats as that of its base type.
Absorption 15 +0.8Absorb Chance 100%Damage Negation on Absorb
Adaptive 25 +1.31Elemental Resistance 20% + 1.1%1Max Health
Amp 200% +9.5%Amp Damage 30% -0.7%Amp Drain
Booster 5 +0.275Booster Chance --
Nova (Maliwan) 1000% +55%Nova Damage 800 +28Nova Radius
Nova (Torgue) 1300% +55%Nova Damage 800 +28Nova Radius
Roid 100% +8%2Roid Damage --
Spike 500% +20%Spike Damage --
Standard -- --
Turtle (-40)% +0.9%Max Health --
The Bee 1000% +9.5%Amp Damage 0Amp Drain
Hide of Terramorphous 100% +8%2Roid Damage 1000% +55%Nova Damage
800 +283Nova Radius 500% +20%3Spike Damage
Whisky Tango Foxtrot (BL2) 5 +0.275Booster Chance --
Manly Man Shield -- --
Big Boom Blaster 13 +0.275Booster Chance --
Hoplite (-50)% +0.9%Max Health --
Pun-chee 105% +8%2Roid Damage --
Sponge 20 +0.8Absorb Chance 100%Damage Negation on Absorb
Rough Rider 20%Damage Resistance 35% + 1.1%1Max Health
Antagonist +700% +20%Reflected Bullet Damage +40% +1%1Damage Reduction
Blockade -- --
Easy Mode 1000% +55%Nova Damage 800 +28Nova Radius
Retainer 100% +8%2Roid Damage --
Asteroid Belt 25 +1Meteor Chance 200% +20%Meteor Damage
Avalanche 100% +8%2Roid Damage 1200% +65%Nova Damage
800 +283Nova Radius 600% +24%3Spike Damage
Haymaker 25 +1.31Elemental Resistance 30% + 1.5%1Max Health
Prismatic Bulwark 24% +3%Laser Absorb Chance 100%Damage Negation on Absorb
0.75 +0.0753Laser Damage -1 -0.13Laser Damage Resistance
Slammer 9 +0.275Booster Chance --
Sunshine 1500% +55%Nova Damage 1500 +38Nova Radius
Supernova 1500% +55%Nova Damage 1600 +38Nova Radius
The Shooting Star 125% +10.5%2Roid Damage --
Whisky Tango Foxtrot (TPS) 9 +0.275Booster Chance --
Rapid Release 500% +5%Nova Damage 800 +8Nova Radius
Rerouter 1500% +9.5%Amp Damage 60% -0.6%Amp Drain
1 This has a minimum grade of -15
2 This has a minimum grade of -10
3 This is Special03 or Special04, which isn't affected by normal bonuses

Damage Resistance/Reduction is applied as a negative scale to the damage taken. If you have 50% resistance then you take DAMAGE × (1 ÷ (1 + 0.5)).
Max health is applied on top of 125% of the base capacity.
Amp drain is applied directly to the base capacity.
The Prismatic Bulwark's bonuses are all applied to a base percentage equal to LEVEL×0.45 + 12. Its Laser Damage Resistance in unique in that the calculated value is the direct damage multipler, not the displayed percentage. To get the displayed resistance use 100 × (1 - 1÷(1 + BASE×0.011)).
All forms of shield damage are applied onto a base value equal to 8×β. Roid Damage has an extra ×2.5 multiplier on top of this.
The Antagonist is the only shield not to apply its damage bonus onto this value, instead it's applied onto the damage of the bullet it reflected.

Extra Specials

A few shields have extra special effects which aren't affected by normal special bonuses.
As mentioned above, anything that's Special03 or Special04 isn't affected by normal bonuses. There are three shields with these types of special: the Hide of Terramorphous, the Avalanche, and the Prismatic Bulwark.
The Hide has five possible accessories, providing a bonus of -5, -3, 0, +3, or +5 to both of its extra stats.
No bonuses affect the Avalanche's extra stats.
The Prismatic Bulwark's definition has a static +1 bonus for both of its extra stats.
The Rough Rider has a static, unlisted, special effect of 100,000 shield consumption rate. This is what's used to keep it down permanently. No bonuses affect it.
The Antagonist has a static 50% bullet deflection chance, which is completely unaffected by any bonuses.
The Blockade has an unlisted amount of damage reduction. Unlike what the card might suggest, the amount is only affected by shield level, not parts or current capacity. It is equal to (LEVEL ÷ 2) + 7.5.